26 - 07 - 2016

Catalyst (fglrx) with GDM @ Archlinux

In some cases you are forced to use FGLRX drivers provided by AMD, instead of opensource radeon module - e.g. suspend is not working with radeon module (won't recover).

If also you are GDM user like me, you wil find issue. After the GDM is started only Black screen is showed with some random white pixels (like when GPU is broken or overclocked) on the screen.

To fix the issue just downgrade cogl to latest version under catalyst repo, instead using the Archlinux official package.

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Cisco AAA (TACACS) configuration on: IOS/NXOS/XR

Below you can find configuration for the AAA authentication for follwing Cisco devices:

  • Cisco Nexus - NXOS
  • Cisco XR 9002 - IOS XR
  • Cisco Switches - IOS

Sessions like SSH will be authenicated against the remote credentials (TACACS server), but console will use local password for emergency access when required. The full AAA will be also activated, which means check credentials, check priviledges to execute commands and log the commands.

Read more: Cisco AAA (TACACS) configuration on: IOS/NXOS/XR

Omniswitch 6900 VLAN translaction

This is update to my previous article: VLAN translaction on Alcatel but configuration created for OmniSwitch 6900.

VLAN 4050 - The VLAN that exists on the translating switch, to prevent VLAN overlapping it will be translated to VLAN900.

LINKAGG 100 - The uplink to other switch that has VLAN4050 configured but for other dedicated service. Due VLANs overlapping translaction is required.

PORT 1/9 & PORT 1/7 - Trunks ports to a server or other VLAN aware device (switch/router). Frames are represented as tagged frames with VLAN 900.

HP 6125XLG Line (SSH/AUX etc.) authentication

I have found tricky to configure SSH on HP switches integrated in HP BladeSystem C7000 chassis.

The manuals doesnt cover are requiremnts steps so here you will find the way how to configure the SSH/CONSOLE/AUX lines.

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HP 6125XLG Virtual Chassis (IRF)

During IRF configuration on  HP 6125XLG switches(firmware CMW710-R2422P01), I have faced a lot of problems like:

  • System errors - sorry don't have output of the error message. I hope I can give them in the nearest future.
  • After configuring the devices the slave switch rebooted but not in Virtual Chassis membership

The first issue was caused by SFP+ modules, yea it can be tricky when you don't use internal interconnect ports. Unplugging all SFP+ resolved the problem, but after restart applying the configuration switch rebooted in standalone mode. The resolve the last problem the ports on the Master switch has to be disabled, and enabled after all configs are applied and save on slave.

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VNC socket with Libivrt incorrect permissions

We you are using libvirt with VNC based on sockets instead of default TCP listening and you are not running as root. You could have an situation when socket has incorrect permissions 0775 and qemu:qemu group under default /var/lib/libvirt/qemu folder. The files has extension ".vnc" with suffix based on your Virtual Machine name and "=" sign.

Unix sockets are forced by "vnc_auto_unix_socket" in qemu.conf file, in /etc/libvirt folder.

The params from libvirtd.conf unix_sock_rw_perms and unix_sock_ro_perms, had no impact on the VNC socket permissions.

Read more: VNC socket with Libivrt incorrect permissions

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