24 - 07 - 2024

Omniswitch 6900 VLAN translaction

This is update to my previous article: VLAN translaction on Alcatel but configuration created for OmniSwitch 6900.

VLAN 4050 - The VLAN that exists on the translating switch, to prevent VLAN overlapping it will be translated to VLAN900.

LINKAGG 100 - The uplink to other switch that has VLAN4050 configured but for other dedicated service. Due VLANs overlapping translaction is required.

PORT 1/9 & PORT 1/7 - Trunks ports to a server or other VLAN aware device (switch/router). Frames are represented as tagged frames with VLAN 900.

ethernet-service nni port 1/9
ethernet-service nni port 1/7
ethernet-service svlan 900 nni port 1/9
ethernet-service svlan 900 nni port 1/7
ethernet-service sap-profile "SAP_v900" cvlan-tag translate
ethernet-service service-name "v4060_TO_v900" svlan 900
ethernet-service sap 900 service-name "v4060_TO_v900"
ethernet-service sap 900 sap-profile "SAP_v900"
ethernet-service sap 900 uni linkagg 100
ethernet-service sap 900 cvlan 4060
ethernet-service svlan 900 admin-state enable