19 - 04 - 2024

Linux scripts library

Here you can find some scripts that I've been using. 

# tomz.pl-DDNS>Dynamic Domain Name Server Updater
This perl scripts allows you monitor and update the IP address of the interface (@DDNS_interface)  every time it changes.

# tomz.pl-reconnect>Monitor the connectivity and restart interface
Perl script used to monitor the connectivity between remote host using IMCP Echo. I've used that to monitor some PPP and ipsec connections.

# tomz.pl-find_replace>Find and replace name of files with backup
Bash script to rename files and keeping the backups intouched with correct priviledge


Download this file (tomz-reconnect.pl)tomz-reconnect.pl[ ]6 kB
Download this file (tomz.pl-DDNS.pl)tomz.pl-DDNS.pl[ ]7 kB
Download this file (tomz.pl-find_replace.sh)tomz.pl-find_replace.sh[ ]4 kB