24 - 07 - 2024

Windows 6.3.9600 under KVM, no video fix

The Hyper-V 2012R2 installation process goes without any issues, you don't have tu put any additional afforts like with ESXi. But it seems that problems begins after the first reboot, there is not video out under graphical console ! But the live charts of CPU/HDD usage shows definitely that VMs is alive.... No worries it can be easily fixed.


Get to the "Advanced Boot Menu". This can be achived by running installation disk or multiple reboots of VMs instance during loeadin of Operating System.

From "Choose an option" menu click on "Advanced Options" -> "Windows Startup Settings" -> "Reboot".

After the reboot you should see following screen:

From "Advance Boot Options" menu choose "Enable low-resolution video"

At this point we have only temporary solution. The Hyper-V bare-metal install doesn't have many GUI tools, like msconfig but we will use CLI to provide permanent fix.

In the" Command Prompt" apply permanent fix

bcdedit /set {current} vga on

At this point is not required to boot via "Advanced Boot Options" menu.